Supporting implementation science research

To inform effective policies and practices

While considerable progress has been made in the prevention and treatment of HIV, the realities of the HIV care continuum today are not ideal. Not enough people living with HIV are aware of their status, are on effective treatment, or are virally suppressed. In many areas of the world, the UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets are far from being achieved.

In many healthcare systems, budgets supporting HIV prevention and care have flatlined or are on the decline.  It is more important than ever to utilise available resources efficiently and effectively to ensure that people at risk or living with HIV get the care they need.

Many interventions have attempted to improve HIV care in innovative and sustainable ways – some of these interventions are working and some are not. Unfortunately, not enough interventions are being documented or evaluated for us to learn from them.

Therefore, our challenge is to identify and record why certain interventions succeed and how they can be replicated and scaled to meet the needs of people living with HIV in other areas and contexts.  

That’s why, through collaboration with researchers and implementers, we support implementation science research that tests and examines the impact of evidence-based interventions as they happen in the field of HIV. Join us to learn more about some of the ongoing work that ViiV Healthcare currently supports.  

Our ultimate ambition is to contribute high-quality research to the growing body of implementation science literature in HIV for all to share, in order to shape smarter policies and practices that can make an HIV-free future possible.

“Implementation Science is a multidisciplinary speciality that seeks generalizable knowledge about the behaviour of stakeholders, organisations, communities and individuals, in order to understand the scale of, reasons for, and strategies to close the gap between evidence and routine practice for help in real world contexts.” [1]

  1. Thomas A Odeny; Nancy Padian; Meg C Doherty; Stefan Baral; Chris Beyrey; Nathan Ford; Elvin H Geng (May 2015) Definitions of implementation science in HIV/AID, The Lancet HIV